Two Months To Go

So, only two months to departure, I still cannot believe that we are almost there after 4 years in the planning.  The past couple of months has seen increased work happening on Troskala with a lot of new kit installed.  Last month we had our new Hydrovane installed which will enable us to do other things rather than helm for days on end.  Our new life raft will be mounted on the coach roof next Thursday with are main electrics boards being replaced, a new AIS system and emergency VHF antenna. 

With the help of other boaters in St Katharine’s we have now managed to work on getting our communications up and running for when we are away.  We have purchased a Satellite phone and I also purchased a Samsung Netbook that will be used with the Satellite phone to send emails whilst in mid-ocean.  I have also purchased our portable SSB radio for receiving weather reports and although I have not managed to get a clear text or fax yet we can see it working which is fantastic.

Yesterday we purchased the remainder of our loose items such as spare water tanks, tiller extension, life-jacket spray hoods and lights. We are now awaiting a new boom so that we can move away from boom roller reefing and install slab reefing with our new main sail but I am still unsure who to use for this project.

From a personal side me and Carlotta and been going for our vaccinations weekly, we have now had our Diphtheria, typhoid, Tetanus, Hepatitis A and B and will be having our Yellow Fever and Rabies vaccinations in Spain as it will be cheaper than here in the UK.  Carlotta is still struggling to come to terms with leaving work and setting up this new life but with constant persuasion hopefully we will have no issues when leaving, although she has decided to work another month just to help getting some more cash together.

I resigned yesterday giving 7 weeks notice so now I am finally closing the curtain on London life and moving on to our next challenge.

I will update you all in the next couple of weeks. 

Bye for now.