Troskala Update

Well, since the last post we have been pretty busy with both small and large jobs.  We finally managed to agree a date for one of our contractors to come over from Ipswich to install our new life raft, are AIS (Automatic Identification System) and finish off a few bits on the electrical side.  For those who don’t know our AIS is a small computer that links to our main navigation computer and overlays all the ships with our area onto our charts so now in times of poor visibility we are able to see exactly where the big ships are located, their speed and the time to collision.

Carlotta sanding the cockpit lockers

On the small jobs side and as the photo displays, we have been improving our wood work and spent one whole weekend sanding cockpit lockers and the rubbing strake, not a fun job but the weather was fantastic, which is a surprise considering the amount of rain we have experienced in the past few weeks.

I ordered our new boom yesterday from Z-Spars after receiving great customer service and a great price so expect this to be with us by next week although trying to provide them with a cardboard template of what is needed is proving harder than expected.

We had a great Jubilee weekend with Troskala dressed in her flags and a celebratory Bar-B-Q on the Saturday.

The planning of the voyage has started.  I was given the Open CPN Navigation package for our Net-Book so most nights are spent in bed planning the routes and the daysneeded firstly to get to Falmouth.  More research into crossing Biscay is my main priority as for both of us it will be our longest passage of over 400 miles for 4 days.

As the days pass the excitement is building and both Carlotta and I have now resigned so finally we can look forward to our living our dream.

Troskala Dressed
Spot the new anchor

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