St Katharine’s to Queenborough – 24th July 2012

St Katharine’s to Queenborough (Goodbye London) – 24th July 2012

We left St Katharine’s at 06:00 with a lovely farewell from Emma & Tim, Paul from Double Dutch and a wave from Kat from Baleen.  The weather was lovely with some much-deserved sunshine at last.  We needed to get stocked up with fuel so made a quick stop at the fuel barge.  Unfortunately the staff did not turn up until 06:45 so we had to wait for an hour, which meant an hour less of tide to push us down the Thames.

We finally set off at 07:10 and with no wind to speak off it was a slow sail down the Thames but at least it was not raining.  I would like to say that I was sad to look back at Tower bridge and leave London behind but I was not and although it has been a great home to us for the past 18 months it was certainly time to move on.

We had a pleasant motor down the Thames, nothing out of the ordinary occurred although we have a small vibrating noise coming from our stern gear that will need to be lucked at.

We arrived in Queenborough at 13:00.  Now we have to wait for the time to turn before we can set off over to Ramsgate.

Total Miles: 42.1

Latitude:       51. 25′.04N

Longitude:    00.44′.19E

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