Queenborough to Ramsgate – 24th July 2012

Queenborough to Ramsgate – 24th July 2012

After a nice lunch and an hours sleep we were ready for the off.  The tide was turning and if we wanted to make full use of it down the estuary and around North Foreland we needed to leave around 15:30.  Luckily the harbor staff had not charged us so I saved some money there.

It the end we departed at 15:25 and managed to do a few minutes sailing out of the River Medway, but that was all it was; a few minutes, we again suffered from little wind so motored all the way down.

The weather was yet again favorable with no wind but a slight haze, it seemed to take forever to finally loose the power station chimney on the Isle of Grain.  We passed Red Sands Towers and the Kentish Wind Farms for the last time.  As we rounded north Foreland we were med with a fantastic sunset.  After spending 18 months with high buildings you do tend to forget about sunrise and sunset, but here it was, one of the best I had seen for a long time.

Dusk fell around 21:00 but by this time we had the channel leading to Ramsgate fixed.  We arrived in the Port of Ramsgate at 21:30.  After being told by staff that the marina was quiet we struggled to find a place and with little maneuvering capabilities it was a slight challenge, but we got in, showered and had a good dinner by 22:30.  It does feel great being in a marina by the sea with the gentle rocking as you sleep and the familiar noises associated with marinas such as creaking pontoons and late night conversations. Thank God we have a lie in this tomorrow morning.  Sleep well to you all. 

Total Miles:    80.9

Latitude:         51’19’.43N

Longitude:      01’27’.70E

2 thoughts on “Queenborough to Ramsgate – 24th July 2012

  1. Great to hear you have finally broken out of St Kath for good ! I arrived in Dartmouth in the early hours this morning. Keep in touch on your progress so we can meet up. I am on my own so only the cat to talk to and she in not talkative when it is rough. Richard

    1. Thank you Richard. Just on the hard. There are still so many jobs to complete but we are getting there slowly. The bilge pump decided not to work and the Hydrovane has been fitting incorrectly so needs to be re-fitted. We are in the water on Monday with a new mast and boom being fitted. Anyway, I will keep in touch and let you know when we are close.

      All the best,


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