A Day at Anchor – Easthead – 28th July 2012

A Day at Anchor – Easthead – 28th July 2012


We spend the Saturday at Anchor, I felt that this would be a great opportunity to see what it is like not being in a marina and then it dawned on me that we were down to 3 tea bags, so not a good start to my victualing.  There had to be a plan of action so we decided to use the dinghy to motor over to Hayling Island to look for a corner shop.  It took us around 30 minutes to get to the Yacht Club at Hayling and then a 30 minute walk through suburbia to find the shop.  We stoked up on tea, biscuits and ginger beer and then set off taking a detour up Mangham Rithe creek before we ran out of water and had to turn back.  We got safely back to Troskala and went over to the beach later on in the day to play some tennis with my dad; we are both bad at that game a got bored pretty quickly.  The wind by now had picked up to force 6 and we were moving around at our anchor a lot. In total of 4 boats had dragged anchor the night before we one boat collided with another at 03:00 in the morning and I was awoken by the shouting that followed.  There was now a boat next to us dragging quite close so another sleepless night was inevitable.

A visit from friends.


Tomorrow we will be back in Chichester marina with facilities and a peaceful night sleep hopefully.

2 thoughts on “A Day at Anchor – Easthead – 28th July 2012

  1. Mengeham Rythe is where out club is! How weird as it was before we met you – I wonder if you saw Cariblue on her mooring…

  2. Easthead is a madhouse at weekends… just a little further on is Pilsey which is often quieter…

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