A Week on The Hard – 30th July – 07th August

A Week on The Hard – 30th July  – 07th August 2012

Mast being removed



Project Troskala has commenced.  We were pulled around to the mast crane at 09:00 in preparation for an old mast to be taken down ready for the new mast to be installed.  All went well with the operation as 4 guys busied themselves around the boat.  There seems to be a problem with the mast step that is used to support the mast on the deck so more work needs to be carried out by the riggers additional to what we expected.








Being Lifted

We were hauled out of the water at 11:00.  I was surprised to see how clean her bottom was after being in the water for 18 months. After we were established the work has commenced.  We employed a contractor called John Pike who has changed all our seacocks, raised our Waterline by two inches, and polished our topsides.  I have spent time sanding and painting, whilst my Dad has had to remove our newly installed Hydrovane due to a poor fitting previously.

NO mast


As the days move forwards and departure draws nearer more jobs spring up; I have not even thought about planning our Biscay crossing which is now only two weeks away.  I will update you all when we are back in the water, which is now scheduled for next Tuesday departing Wednesday.


2 thoughts on “A Week on The Hard – 30th July – 07th August

  1. Just a thought Oliver. Do you still own your old mast? I might be interested if I could have look.

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