Dartmouth to Salcombe – 12th August 2012

After spending a morning in Dartmouth wondering around, drinking tea and purchasing some more fishing gear (thanks Ben), we decided to set off in the evening.  It seemed to make more sense to arrive in Studland at dusk so that navigation lights would aid our arrival into Salcombe.  We set off at 17:00 and took a short motor up the river before turning around and heading out to sea.  We had been told that there was a lot of mackerel at the entrance; so, eager to use the rod and actually catch something we motored out at 2 knots to see if we could at least catch one fish.  Around 30 minutes later Ben managed to haul in 5 mackerel.   It is one thing landing fish but the next to actually kill it so there we all were with 5 mackerel at the end of the line, no bucket and no idea on how to kill them.  I tried the alcohol trick and found some old Vodka in the cupboard but this seemed to excite our fishy friends instead of subduing them.  Emma took control of the situation by laying them on deck and hitting them over the head with a winch handle but on doing this we managed to spray fish brains over the deck and spray cover not to mention the eye balls that found there way into the scuppers.  So, the best way as Emma and Ben found out that to kill our tasty friends was to hold them in the bucket and squeeze their heads – lovely.


After their hard work I kindly offered to gut the fish of which we now had 6 and after speaking to my Dad I felt confident if not wary to do it when we arrived to Salcome.

The remainder of the trip went well.  The entrance to Salcombe is always a bit unnerving due to the sand-bar at the entrance but the lights came on as we expected and Emma & Ben were a great help in identifying the correct light sequences and safely navigating us into the river.  We arrived at 20:00 and even managed to have a quick pint before gutting some mackerel and cooking them with oil and garlic.  I have my ex-colleagues, Ben and Emma to thank for that meal as if it were not for the rod, Emma’s killing skills and Ben’s fishing skills we would never have had such and amazing meal even if we were all too tired to talk through it.


Total Miles:    354.0

Latitude:         50’13’.17N

Longitude:      03’46’.67W

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