Salcombe to Plymouth – 19th August 2012

Yes, finally leaving Salcombe! What turned out to be a lovely place for 2 days turned out to be a suppressive prison with boredom high on the agenda.

We left just as mist and fog started to lift but there was still a swell from the previous days storms.  All went well on leaving the entrance but as soon as we cleared the entrance and I attempted to raise the main I managed to loose the main halyard. My Dad came to assist and then began to untie the main once we had attached the Halyard.  I had recently brought some elastic sail ties with the toggles at the end. When they are wrapped around the sail they are under a lot of pressure and Dad experienced this pressure whilst untying one and having it fly under pressure at his head and a second later we were faced with blood pouring from the wound.  It was not a good start to our trip and I would strongly recommend not purchasing these ties for anything boat related.

The rest of the trip was uneventful and we motored into Plymouth at around 13:00.  We had changed the plans slightly and would now depart for Spain the following day, so we had no time to rest and as soon as we arrived we were in the chandlery gathering all the spares and repairs we needed.


Total Miles:    375.4

Latitude:         50’20’.04N

Longitude:      04’08’.07W

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