Cudillero to Ribadeo – 04th September 2012

We departed at 11:15 edging out of a narrow rocky channel.

Winds were light with 3 to 4 knots.  I headed out in hope to catch more wind but wind did not materialize even 6 cables off land.

So it would appear to be a motoring day and the plan of reaching Ribadeo banished  We would instead head to Luarca, which was the original plan and was only 17 miles away instead of the 35  we would have to cover to make Ribadeo.


We motored for two hours achieving little over 4.5 knots but as forecast the wind picked up to 7 knots and it was time to practive polling out our genoa and running before the wind.  I sit here now at 13:25 and we have covered 10 miles since leaving.  We are currently doing 4.5 knots and expect to reach Luarca at 15:30.

The wind picked up as we were drawinbg into Luarca so seeing an opportunityy we decided to make the most of the breeze and head straight to Ribadeo.

We had a fantastic broad reach admiring the Spanish coast as we went.  As we drew nearer the wind picked up to a good force 5.  Carlotta cooked pizza but managed to loose one on the kitchen floor.

We finally arrived at our anchorage in Ribadeo at 20:20 but it was not as sheltered as I anticipated so we were subject to a rolling night.

Engine Hours: 1 hour 54 minutes

Mileage: 44.2

Total Mileage: 1029

Latitude: 43.33.03

Longitude: 07.01.60

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