Gijon to Cudillero – Monday 03rd August 2012

Skipper – Oliver

Crew – Carlotta

We departed at 10.45 after re-fueling. We tried to leave slightly earlier as Carlotta had managed to befriend a crazy Spanish lady who begged to sail with us to Cudillero; she even offered to pay but after three visits and a small gift we realised her mind was not all there.  She had waited for us to leave the marina on the evening and then offered to come and see us off in the morning so the decision was made to escape an hour earlier before she arrived.  She reminded me of the Bunny Boiler from Fatal Attraction so we were both relived to have departed without her in tow.


We left in winds coming from the North East, blowing 4-5 knots. We headed further out until we picked up a breeze of 5 knots so we stopped the engine and set up Henrick (Hydrovane) and had a perfect sail.  It really does make a difference to have no tide and to be able to leave when you want.  We were sailing at 6 knots with a knot of current pushing us westwards with the breeze.  The coastline was spectacular along the way and it is a shame we have no more time to enjoy this part of the world.


At around 14:30 conditions had already calmed to around 7 to 8 knots of wind so we started to head South South West to pick up our bearing to Cudillero.  We removed Genoa and set sail for down wind with preventer hooked up and Carlotta helming although the ideal situation would have been to pole out our Genoa; one step at a time.

We arrived at 16:45 and were kindly led in by Fishermen as the entrance is very narrow and strewn with rocks and a heavy swell.  We managed to royally mess up our mooring and were watched with interest from a crowd of spectators.  The reason why there were no other foreign visitors was quite clear as the mooring system is shocking but as it was free I cannot complain although I hope we do not come across a similar system on the way down.  The Harbopur Master came to help in the end which made me even more frustrated, but still we were safe and in the harbor.

Total Mile: 29.9

Lat: 43.34.01

Lon: 06.08.99

Engine Hours: 1 hour 54 minutes

The Evening:

Once we had arrived in Cudillero there was time to relax, sort out the mooring lines and have a Siesta.  We were loaned a dinghy from the Harbor Master, he, Manalito, being a distant friend of Carlotta’s family.  We went into town in search of the supermarket, which was to be found up a long dark tunnel and up a hill similar to Everest.  We eventually found it and did our weekly shop as we now expect to be anchored for the week until we arrive in Ferro.


To celebrate the completion of our shopping we went for a coffee savoring the atmosphere of this gorgeous place.  It is a shame we need to leave tomorrow as staying another day would have been perfect, but due to other commitments we need to depart and depending on wind we will try and head straight for Ribadeo instead of Luarca.


1. Be careful whom you speak to in marinas.  There are a lot of crazy people out there and if you meet one in Gijon and her name is Marina then run like the wind.

2. Try not to get frustrated when you arrive at a new port, cannot figure out the 17th century mooring system, have a crowd of spectators, the harbor master is shouting at you and you manage to scuff most of your antifoul off with the ropes from the mooring.

3. Don’t shout out girlfriend…….

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