Ribadeo to Viveiro – 05th September 2012

Ribadeo to Viverio – 05th September 2012

We departed our anchorage at 11:30, a bit later than expected but due to a sleepless night due to the rocking motion whilst at this anchorage we needed some extra hours sleep.  We sailed off our anchorage and out to sea with a good 10 knots North Easterly.  We were doing a nice 6 knots on average but there was still a meter swell so really what we needed was the wind to pick up to stop the sails flapping when we went over a wave.


The wind eventually picked up to force 5-6 and we enjoyed a good beam reach under the watchful keep of our Hydrovane which steered us for most of the jouney.  We were now achieving speeds of around 7 knots and surfing down what was now a 2-meter swell at 9.3 knots.  We rounded San Ciprian and Roncadoira where conditions were nore challenging and to add to it Carlotta was feeling sick.  We reefed in our Genoa and ran under main sail only until we reached the entrance of Viverio.


We found a great anchorage just of Playa de Covas.  Once settled in we launched the dinghy and headed into town.   I did not think much of Viveiro; the town was more commercial than Oviedo and certainly not as pretty although the small old town has some charm, with different styled buildings and old churches.  One interesting part was seeing an area dedicated to the Virgin Mary with wax arms and legs of people cast and hung around the shine with photos of people besides them.  The belief is that the Virgin Mary will pray / bless those people whatever the ailment may be.  The Galician’s are strong believers of spirits and the dead, which was evident in the old town.

We headed back after stocking up on food and some chicken to go with a curry.

Miles: 32

Engine: 48 minutes

Total Miles: 1061

Lat: 43’40.48

Long: 07’36.28

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