Viveiro – Cedeira – 6th September 2012


We departed Viveiro at 10:20 am, again slightly later than expected but we did get talking to another person anchored nearby who had just sailed from Falmouth to Viveiro.

We started again with light winds, however the scenery has improved greeted with high mountains and islands to view on passage.  We motored for the first hour whilst I cooked breakfast and then afterwards set up the Hydrovane and enjoyed a slow sail.  The problem we are finding with these parts is the swell.  If we do not have more than 10 knots the sails begin to flog in the swell. Again the winds were Easterly with a touch of Northerly in them.

As we passed our first major headland the wind picked up to a good force 5 so we sailed fast around the corner.  Luckily I had already put one reef in the main but we were still reaching 7.5 knots off the waves.  Again the wind died and we decided to motor until the next headland.  For some reason before we entered the headland I decided to take the reef out; this was not the best decision.  As we rounded we were experiencing gusts of 38 knots and sailing off waves at 10.5 knots. It was an excilerating sail but at some point Troskala tried to head to wind too much to comfort. We furled our Genoa and ran the rest of the was under main.


Another mistake made was to tow the dinghy.  It had not caused us too many problems during the first part of the journey except slow us down but the worst was still to come.

We had the wide entrance of Cedeira in view but again when entering the acceleration zone with high mountains to our starboard we were again experiencing winds up to 40 knots.  As we turned to enter the harbor the wind was howling.  The dinghy decided to fly up in the air and invert itself with the loss of the engine padlock.  This was not the worst of our problems as the dinghy was now being dragged underwater and slowing us down to the point of me loosing some steerage.  There were two options and these were to either cut the tender free ur try and pull it up close to the boat to get the wind under the bow and turn it the correct way up.  Thankfully the latter worked but it decided to do the same performance 4 more times before we reached our anchorage.  Luckily it landed the correct way up for our entrance to the anchorage so as to save me some embarrassment.


We anchored at 16:30 in a very picturesque setting.  The wind here is still blowing hard but we held at anchor first time and will hopefully pop into town for a coffee when the wind dies down.



1. Do not tow a dinghy.  I have learnt the pitfalls of this several times now but I will never ever tow a dinghy again from the back of the boat whilst underway.

2. Even if the wind dies down do not rush to take your reef out.  I was aware that there would be acceleration zones and why I took the reef out after the first one I do not know.

3. Respect Headlands – The wind climbed by two forces around the headland espcially with it coming off the mountains around us.  I maybe should have set a course further out to escape most of the funneled winds.

4. Dont leave a pan of curry on the surface, when you tack it will go on the floor.  This is now the second meal we have lost in as many days.


Miles: 32.5

Engine: 2 hours 12 minutes

Total Miles: 1094

Latitude: 43’39.17

Longitude: 08’03.82






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