Ares to Ria De Corme – Tuesday 11th September 2012

We departed Ares at 14:45.  The weather forecast had forecasted a pick-up in wind speed around 17:00 so we though leaving later even if it meant arriving in the dark to Corme would be best as at least we could sail.


We left under main and Gennaker and had a good breeze pushing us out of the Ria although this soon died as we approached the entrance to La Coruna.  The engine went on pretty much after passing La Coruna.  I hate motoring but there was not a breath of air and certainly not the wind that had been forecasted.  All was quite (apart from the engine) until a splash occurred off the bow and the sight of a dolphin surfaced.  We were jopined by around 8 Dolphins in total who decided to put on a great display at Troskala’s bow.  It was an amazing experience to see so many of them at one time.


Our Dolphin friends left us after 20 minutes, which was sad as all we now had to look forward to was the sound of the engine for another 5 hours.  We passed another British boat on-route and said a brief hello; they ended up following us in to Corme.


We approached the entrance to Corme around 22:00 in complete darkness.  We knew from our almanac that there was an anchorage and a Fish Haven in the middle.  As we entered all we could see were cliffs and then suddenly out of the dark approached a mussle platform, a wooden platform about 30 feet long and 10 feet wide.  We left it to starboard missing it by inches.  After that Carlotta was at the bow with a torch and I edged my way tentatively towards the apparent anchorage.

We were awfully close to the rocks but using the only space designated.  We were also anchoring on rock so when trying to set our hook we had several attempt’s as all I could here was it grinding the rock on the seabed.


We eventually sorted ourselves out by 23:00 and after a glass of wine (or a bottle) we settled into bed ready for an early start the next morning

Miles: 37.0

Lat: 43’15.71N

Lon: 08’57.34W

Engine Hours: 6 hours 12 minutes 9 (Should have brought a speed boat)

One thought on “Ares to Ria De Corme – Tuesday 11th September 2012

  1. nice that dolphins are going well your journey? It’s nice to travel to EXT. greetings cor fischer

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