Cedeira to El Ferrol / Ares – Friday 07th September 2012

Cedeira to El Ferrol / Ares – Friday  07th September 2012

We had woken up reasonably early to go into Cedeira in the dinghy and have a swim on the beach.  We had breakfast and I spent some time removing the rudder off the Hydrovane and cleaning off the growth that had materialized.  We then took the dinghy over to the beach and attempted a swim but the water in these parts is still freezing cold so all I managed was a paddle up to my waist before heading back to the boat.

We departed our lovely anchorage at 14:00 and headed out.  The conditions were too calm to sail but every attempt was made sail but shortly I gave up and we motored for most of the day.  The scenery on this coastline is still stunning but after a while I decided to go below and make use of the all the hot water we were generating by cleaning the galley and heads.  As we rounded a headline and the entrance to El Ferrol opened up before us the wind picked up so we managed to have a quick sail around the corner and into the entrance.  We sailed all the way up the Ria.  Although this is a busy port with a lot of industry at the entrance it soon becomes prettier with high mountains either side dwarfing old castles and battlements.  It was a great way to enter under sail but it was a shame that the quietness was interrupted by several jet ski’s.


We were dubious of Ferrol as the almanac did not give us much of the detail we needed but as Carlotta’s uncle had arranged a space for us there we decided to go.  This was a big mistake. We entered and were guided round to a wall, which was covered in debris. The marina is tidal and as I have not yet experienced mooring to a wall and knowing how much rope to let out for the tide, but we would work this out later.

Carlotta went to talk to the two dodgy gentlemen about cost’s as they were reluctant to give a price.  The price had gone from £120 euros a night with no facilities to buying one of the guys a beer instead.  There were fishermen everywhere eyeing up our gear.  With much reluctance we went to Carlotta’s uncle’s house for dinner but then came back later for piece of mind.

We decided to move to another Marina the next morning, which was to be Ares.  This has to be the best marina we have been in so far, not so much for the facilities although these are okay but the service.  Marco and his colleague were most helpful throughout our visit and I cannot recommend this spot enough for the beauty of the town and tranquility of the harbor.


We went back to Carlotta’s uncle’s house and strayed over night meeting more of the family and spending a great time with wonderful people and fantastic Spanish food.  I hate to say it but it was nice to be away from the boat for one weekend and truly relax.

On Sunday night we arrived back to the boat and spent Monday getting supplies sorted.  It is time to move on and we have arranged to meet some friends in Vigo by the weekend and to be in Portugal by the following week.

Total Mile: 31.0

Lat: 43’28.56N

Lon: 08’14.61W

Engine Hours: 5 hours 16 minutes

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