Muros to Sanxenxo – 13th September 2012


We departed Muros at 10:45.  Muros was such a tranquil anchorage and what looked to be a lovely town but unfortunately we could not visit due to time contraints.

We had a good sail with winds giving us a steady 12 knots from the NE.  Nothing much happening apart from lunch and we arrived at Sanxenxo by 16:00.

We dropped anchor after three attempts off the main beach and already noticed a boat anchored that had also been in St Katharine’s.  We prepared the dinghy and rowed a shore to have an iced coffee and and quick look around.

There is not much to Sanxenxo apart from the beach which is lovely.  It is true that with every degree of latitude we cover the weather improves as we now have brilliant sunshine with the temperature rising to 29 degrees  centigrade.

We went over to the modern marina development and Carlotta managed to flirt enough with the guy at the desk to get us into the showers for free.  After a few days without a shower there is nothing better than having one; I do not take them for granted anymore.

After the shower we headed back to the boat to eat pizzas and watch a film.  We have decided to spent tomorrow here as well as we are happy with the location and the beach.

Miles: 35.5

Engine: 1 hour

Lat: 42’23.86

Long:  08′ 48, 65

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