A Day Baiona – 17th September 2012 (The Last Spanish Town)

A Day Baiona – 17th September 2012 (The Last Spanish Town)

We slept in until around 11:00 for some much needed sleep.  It was a good decision to spend a day here as there was some maintenance work to carry out that we had not had chance to do in Bouzas.  Our engine has started smoking a bit and I still cannot clearly verify if it is grey, black or blue smoke, all I know is that there is smoke and I am not relaxed about it.  I did some reading and narrowed it down to either having too much oil in the engine or a dirty air filter.  There are of course other reasons but they were more on the serious side and the engine is relatively new I thought it best to tackle the simple more straightforward reasons first.

I drained some oil out of the engine as it was over the ‘full’ mark but even after this and a test we still has smoke.  Now to the air filter.  This had been changed in Chichester and had only been used for 60 hours but on close inspection it seemed relatively dirty.  I managed to remove the old one, slicing my finger in the process (too much time behind a desk, my fingers are still soft), cleaned out the air-filter case and installed the new one.  I have to say that the results were pleasing.  We are now having to motor down the Portuguese coast and no smoke detected.  I may need to vent the engine bay more as this may be part of the problem with the clogged air filter.

After the maintenance we rowed over to the town of Baiona.  We stopped on the way to speak to some fellow cruisers and then set about finding out what Baiona has to offer.  We seem to be still getting our times rather mixed up and arrived in the middle of siesta so every thing was closed and no-one was around; it was a like a ghost town.  I still cannot understand why they have siesta in the north when the temperature is not as hot as the south.  Everything closes at 14:00 until 17:00, which to me is ridiculous.

There were a couple of nice churches and one cemetery that again was closed as it was a Monday.  We asked a fellow Spaniard how far it was to walk to the other side to which she replied “45 minuets”, it was more like 2 hours.  We gave up half way and walked back to the town to meet Carlotta’s cousin for a coffee.

By now the town had sprung to life and at the first opportunity I went into a hardware store to stock up on some bits which included a new gas lantern for the cock-pit, some WD40 and an electtic fly swotter as we have been having some issues with large flying insects.  I tested it out on Carlotta to see if it worked; it did and the whole town was awoken by her screams.

We had coffee with more cousins and then headed back to the boat.  We have an early start as we need to get to Porto (Portugal) tomorrow.

My past month in Spain has been great.  We have learnt a lot about the boat and sailing these waters.  The food and hospitality we have experienced have been amazing.  The way of life here is better and if it was not for the siesta time it would be greatly improved.  I strongly recomend sailing this area and giving yourself as much time as possible to explore the Ria’s.  Unfortunately we are running out of time to get to Gran Canaria but we would have happily spent another month.

Portugal here we come.

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