Porto Santo to Quinta do Lorde – 26th October 2012

It was time to leave Porto Santo.  We have had such a great time on this island but we have now seen all there is to see and experienced some very fine cuisine.  We were initially going to leave from Porto Santo to the Canaries but a last-minute decision meant that we were to head to Madeira instead.  The weather is becoming very peculiar as of late and we were concerned that we would not make the Canaries before another area of low pressure reaches us, plus we had come all this way and not to see Madeira would have been a bit silly.

We said goodbye to a few friends who decided to leave on the Thursday and joined them to paint our yacht name on the harbour walls with whatever paints we had available.

We left Porto Santo on Friday the 26th and were followed by Spirit of Argo on the way.  The wind was a good 25 knots and with one reef in the main and two in the genoa Troskala sailed very well.  The swell however was significant and an hour into the journey I was popping the seasickness tablets and Carlotta was showing the face of panic.

The journey took around 5 hours to complete the 31 miles to a new marina on the South East coast of Madeira.  The entrance to Quinta do Lorde is extremely narrow and you would not want to try and enter in any southerly winds.  We were greeted by a guy from the marina in a dinghy and he escorted us in.

Quinta do Lorde really is fantastic.  It is a new marina with a new resort built around it.  Most of the apartments have not been completed yet so the area is very quite. There is a bar that does ‘Happy Hour’ at 17:30 every day so all the boat owners meet and catch up in the evening.  All of us now are sat in the inter-net room that is provided as it is raining.  The showers and facilities are the best we have experienced since leaving England.

Another bonus for us is that the marina will be sourcing two electricians for us tomorrow (Monday) so we should be able to have most of our electrics replaced before the week is out.

There is set to be more bad weather on Tuesday so it looks like we will be here for the week.

This morning we all found a rock-pool that is not quite completed but part of the resort.  Seven of us went swimming in it this morning at high tide in the rain, as good British do.  I am sure that once the resort is complete it will cost a fair amount to use this facility so we made a pact to come every morning for a swim.

Apart, from the above there is nothing more to update you with.  We are slightly concerned about arriving to the Canaries at our agreed date but I would rather have all jobs on the boat completed before we get to Las Palmas as it sounds like it is already busy down there.

Miles: 31.2

Total Miles: 2,120

Engine: 1 Hour

Latitude: 32º44′.466 N

Longitude: 16º42′.661 W

2 thoughts on “Porto Santo to Quinta do Lorde – 26th October 2012

  1. Hi Oliver
    Fab video of the 25 knot sail!
    I expect you are watching the progress of Hurricane Sandy in the US – not sure if that affects any of the weather in your area but worth keeping and eye on it… all quite a distance away though… http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/graphics_at3.shtml?5-daynl#contents

    That hydrovane is doing well still – good advert for it I must say!

    Cariblue came out yesterday for UK winter so we will have to sail through your blog for a few months!

    All the very best

    1. Hi both
      Sounds like a brill time – Just picked up a billfor weekend sailing from the broken bitz – ouch – have to watch the beer rations for a while.

      Hope your bills are not too great with all the electrics!!

      Great to see post from Mark – he’s the reasoppn we managed to find your blog!! MArk – if you see this – look us up next time your in Chi Yacht club! Bit more local than the adventurers!!

      BEst regards all

      Paul & jan

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