Stuck in Madeira – Change of Plan

So, the gods are not playing fair.  We will be staying another two days in the prison camp and not departing until Wednesday.   The wind is one moment giving 30 knots and then nothing after checking only a few hours later. I will have gone mad by the time we leave this place.  We have decided to get a few boat jobs done tomorrow and Tuesday if the rain ever stops falling.




The blue is rain

2 thoughts on “Stuck in Madeira – Change of Plan

  1. You poor things! If it’s any consolation, the weather has been no better in the Canaries! We sailed through a thunderstorm yesterday, which was very unnerving…

    When are you planning – weather permitting(!!!!!!!!!!!) – to get to Las Palmas? All of us on Rafiki can’t wait to see you guys again!

    As for the Canaries, we have had one or two highlights, but generally we’ve been disappointed: marinas generally overpriced for basic/no facilities and there seems to be a Canaries-wide campaign to force all yachts into marinas and away from anchorages. (Anchoring is simply not permitted.) The weather has also been rubbish and we, too, are feeling a bit fed up. We miss Porto Santo and all of you!! One tip: if you do get time to make landfall in Carlotta’s beloved Tenerife, try Marina Garachico. It is brand new, with no facilities beyond shore power and water, but it is free and Garachico is utterly gorgeous! Would be hairy in Northerlies, so only works if the prevailing winds are not doing their thing – which, let’s face it, is not that unusual at the moment…

    1. Dear Burch family,
      Is amazing to follow your blog during your are making me jealous. You seem to be catching lots of fish,making fishcakes and having an amazing progress. I am glad that the everything in the boat is working well as you describe and everyone is having lots of fun. Including Emily and James that were worried at little bit at the start. You are already over half way. Please keep going the logs and I look forward to see you all in St Lucia. Troskala still well but does not have access to internet while at sea, at the end mailasail did not repaired the I am sending them weatherfcst or updates via email via satphone only. All well with the boat but they had quite a rough time the first week.lots of love to u all. Carlottaxxx

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