Tracking Troskala Across the Atlantic – Information

Troskala is officially the smallest yacht taking part in ARC 2012

So, we only have 8 days to go.  Tim and Will have now made it to Las Plamas and the preparations are well underway.  As Carlotta will not be joining us on this trip she will be updating the website with any news on our trip and to answer any comments.  If any of you are really bored you can see our real-time position by clicking on the below link and selecting ‘Fleet Viewer’.  You will see our position in the Atlantic, our speed and where we are in relation to other boats.

We expect to be at sea for 21-24 days arriving in St Lucia by the 18th or near that point.  I will be posting a couple more posts before we leave with photos showing the preparations but if you also click on the gallery page in the ARC website you will sea some photos of the parties we have been attending.

Click on below link and select Fleet Viewer.  This will be live on the 25th November


6 thoughts on “Tracking Troskala Across the Atlantic – Information

  1. Oliver You may recall us on the Dufour 32 Orion inside you at Lymington as you were setting off. We have been following your progress south.  It reads as if it has been quite a learning period.  We will follow you on the ARC site once you set off.  It look as if it is quite an armada with the numbers taking part. With our best wishes (you don’t need luck!)

    David Eyre


    1. Yes David, I remember you both. Lymington seems so long ago. I hope you had a good season sailing and thank you for showing an interest.

      I hope you both have a fantastic Christmas and New Year and I will try to get a photo of us with a coconut.

      All the best and thank you for staying in touch.

      Best wishes,

      Oliver & Carlotta

  2. How wonderful, but you know yhe saying….good things come in little bits, as I am not going to be able to speak to you, lots of luck and take care of each otherXXXXX

    1. Thank you all for your support during this voyage and the kind words. I think you know as well as I do that we have the boat for this journey and I am more than confident that she will look after us throughout the journey. If we do not speak before Christmas I hope you all have a lovely festive period and New Year. Remember there is always a couple of berths for you and I hope we can meet again in the near future.

      Look after yourselves and I will try and get some great photos of Troskala for the Rival website.

      Best wishes, Mark, Heather and Jess. Oliver

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