Departing Marigot Bay


Hello to you all.  Sorry for the delay in posting.  Well, we are still in Marigot Bay having a great time.  Carlotta managed to find a few more days working on a Super Yacht and thus we have stayed.  We moved Troskala to the marina for a week to get her cleaned up and repair the boom vang that parted from the boom during a crossing.


We have also fixed a few electrical issues that needed looking at and re-bedded some of our stanchion posts that were leaking whilst we had the ceiling panels off.  One of the crew from another yacht kindly helped repair our torn spray hood with leather and for this we are so grateful.  My thanks go to Carlos Lopes who spent some of his valuable time stitching our spray hood.  If you are in the area and need the sewing talents of a great guy you can reach him on:


All of the Super Yachts we have come into contact with have given us such great support and advise to get us back on track. Words cannot describe our gratitude to all of you and I hope we stay in touch in the future. Our thanks goes to the following fantastic vessels and crew:

Aventura – Paolo, Carlos, Emily & Daniel

Oasis  – Barend, Sarah, Vanja and crew

2 Ladies – Tim & Crew

Bristolian – Paddy and Crew

Paula Rosa  – Simon & Jenny

Miss Amores – Marco, Tatijana, Alexandra & Linda (what a lovely family)

Zhara – Ron and Dee

Dawn Treader – Jim and Angela


The staff at Marigot have been unbelievably helpful and if any of you sail here speak to Bob who runs the marina.  Bob and his wife Melinda have shown such good generosity to us and they run such a fantastic marina.


Our days were not spent just sitting in the marina although I could not think of a better marina to sit in.  We managed a few day sails with good friends over to Rodney Bay, Soufriere and  Jalousie Bay.  St Lucia is such a fantastic Island when seeing it from the sea.  We did have a slight issue when anchoring in Jalousie as we had to anchor in 25 meters of water.  We managed to let all of our chain out but still dragged 2 hours later.  Dragging was not the issue but trying to manually crank 35 meters of 10mm chain was difficult and nearly impossible.


As time goes our financial situation seems to be okay but not the best.  We had allocated £1,100 a month but with spares and maintenance we have overspent by £300.  Troskala has not needed much expenditure but things that she has needed are costly.  We brought a few pilot books, cockpit light (very nice), varnish (Cetol), dinghy pump, fair-leads, fans for cabin, cool box, laundry bucket.  We also find laundry very expensive.  When we are not doing it ourselves it costs around £15 per load not including drying.  Water costs 10 cents US per litre and fuel is not as cheap as we had expected.  Wine is not cheap here and socialising is costing us. In general all supermarkets are quite pricey but in the street markets you can get some deals.   We hope that February will be a quite month with less socializing as I do not think my body can take many more late nights but I would not change the experience we have had here for anything.


We will set of to Martinique tomorrow morning heading to Le Marin and then to Port of France.  We have to pick up my Dad and his girlfriend from Antigua by the 06th so we hope to be there and then carry on to the BVI’s.

DSC00289DSC00318 DSC00264

We will post shortly with more photos and we hope you are all well.

Best wishes,

Oliver & Carlotta


5 thoughts on “Departing Marigot Bay

  1. And I woz beginning to think youhad gone native and put down roots given how long it is since u arrived in Marigot bay!
    Enjoy your passage and looking forward to hearing and seeing more of your exploits.
    Keep safe and well.
    Best regards
    The Simbos

    1. Hello Simon & Jenny,

      We hope you are well. Where are you both now? How is t5he boat hunt going? Have you found your dream ship yet? It would be lovely to meet up with you both again soon so let us know where you are and we will try and sort something out. We owe you a lovely dinner. Send our regards to Jenny and safe sailing to you both.

      Best wishes,

      Oliver & Carlotta X

    1. Hello Cor,

      We hope you are well. Thank you for still follwoing the blog. We hope you had a great Birthdasy and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

      Safe sailing,

      Oliver & Carlotta

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