Antigua – 06th February – 14th February


We had made it to Jolly Harbour just in time to meet my Dad and Nita at a lovely bar on the waterfront.  We had spent our first night in Jolly Harbour but after the costs we decided to move out after victualing the boat and making sure we were prepared for a long stint at anchor.


Jolly Harbour is a lovely place but more accustomed to Condos and hotel guests, it seemed to lack any real ‘feel’ or atmosphere.  The lagoon and beach are great and the contrast in color from turquoise sea to clear blue sky; it is exactly what you would expect from a post card sent from paradise.

We moved on to English Harbour the following day, unfortunately we had top head straight into the wind so for Nita and my Dad, their first sail was under motor beating into a 25 knot head wind for 12 miles.


It states in our Pilot Book that English Harbour is one of the most beautiful harbour’s in the Caribbean; I have to disagree.  He anchorage is crowded but sheltered.  You do swing a lot on anchor so a stern anchor is useful but we did not use one throughout our stay their.  The water is not as clear as we have seen before but a guess we have been spoilt with St Lucia.  Nelsons Dock Yard however is an experience.  As you enter by way of dinghy it is similar to walking into a living museum.  All the buildings have been tastefully restored and turned into gift shops, cafes and restaurants.  There was a lovely atmosphere in the evening and if you want more nightlife you can walk for 10 minutes into Falmouth Harbour.

One evening we went to Shirley Heights with another couple from Golden Fleece.  Shirley Heights hold a magnificent party on Sunday Nights.  You have to hike up what feels like a mountain to get to it but it is worth it.  They start the party at 16:00 and carry on through the night.  There was an amazing atmosphere with near enough 400 people there.  We were completely astounded by the steel drum band they had playing, their talent is incredible.  If you are ever in Antigua make sure you take part in this party; it is a must. We will certainly pay another visit on our way down and make sure we there earlier to take better photos of the sunset.


After a short period we decided to head to Falmouth Harbour.  The decision was made after nearly colliding with another boat on anchor so we made a quick escape before any damage could occur.

The great thing about our anchorage in Falmouth Harbour was in our proximity to the Maltese Falcon.  The Maltese Falcon is, I believe the largest and most technolically advanced Super Yacht in the world and we were a stones throw away from it.  I had studied this yacht when it has been built a few years early and could not believe we were now anchored so close to it.

There is not too much to see in Falmouth but there is a good atmosphere mainly due to tourists and Super Yacht Crew.  We had a brief look around before heading back to the boat and watching some dinghy racing.


As we were heading to the islands of Nevis and St Kitt’s the following day we decided to return to Jolly Harbour to stock up on food, fuel and water, which took most of the day to complete.  The good thing about checking out in Jolly Harbour is that you don’t seem to have to pay for your check-out or for garbage disposal.


2 thoughts on “Antigua – 06th February – 14th February

  1. Ha, hilarious- the last picture is of a house i also photgraphed in antigua! was awesome, miss it so much 😦

    1. Hello Emma,

      We hope all is well and that your Dad is mnaking a steady recovery. We miss you too and hope you can join us in the future again. Keep well and we will speak soon.

      Oliver & Carlotta XX

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