A Quick Update


We are sorry for the lack of blogs in recent weeks but we have been absolutely rushed off our feet preparing Troskala for Hurricane Season, paying bills and cleaning up.  We have a few more posts from our previous couple of weeks and we have seen some amazing beaches and met some amazing people.  Unfortunately our Mac computer decided to play up therefore we cannot update until we have it back; I hope you can bear with us.

We are currently in London staying with a friend before my Yachtmaster Practical commences from Gosport on Sunday.  I will look out for any of you who are sailing on the Solent next week.  In the meantime I am drinking fresh milk, having lovely showers and I actually just put my breakfast bowls in a dishwasher.  We are settling in nicely to house life but we cannot become too comfortable.


To all UK readers, enjoy the lovely weather and we will be posting soon.