Only 5 Days to go until the next full blog

I am sorry for the delay to any communication.  Well, a lot has happened since we last wrote.  We have lifted Troskala in Virgin Gorda, hurricane proofed her, flown back to the UK, passed a Yachtmaster with Commercial Endorsement and completed a 2000 mile tour of the UK in the past two weeks.  It does not stop there.  Tomorrow we set off from Wolverhampton on our new adventure in a borrowed BMW through France to Spain and then onto Portugal.  I promise that within the next week you will have an updated blog with lots more developments, how life has been settling back in the UK, a video of all the people we have met and who have supported us and new photos, so please bear with us for the next seven days and if nothing appears by then you can leave a comment showing your frustration with me and my lack of organisation :).

We hope you are all well and we look forward to blogging as soon as we reach Spain.

Best wishes for now.

Oliver & Carlotta


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