Delays, Delays, Delays.

It would have been great to be able to post a lovely photo of Troskala floating in Spanish Town ready for trip to Tortola but unfortunately it was not meant to be.

Cleaning Troskala’s Spray Hood.

Our launch has been delayed until Monday 09th and this is due to two reasons. Firstly our switch panel has not arrived. Apparently some dates were miscommunicated and the panel was not sent out in time.   Secondly, the weather decided to take a turn for the worst and we have been dogged by three days of constant rain, which is very rare for this time of year. So, without a switch panel we are unable to complete the electrics and with the rain the yard are unable to finish the varnish work.

The new lining for the windows.

I did manage to visit Troskala on the original launch date of the 02nd. I went with an open mind. I did half expect to see her almost completed but instead I was greeted by the same mess as I had seen the previous week. It is hard to imagine how disheartening this is but after a talk with the project managed and upon closer inspection I could see that a lot of work had been completed that was not there before.

New Engine panel, which now displays Oil Temp, pressure and Volts.

Our fridge has finally been installed. Troskala is now displaying a new winch on her deck, which has been very well fitted. Our new engine control panel has been installed along with two new domestic batteries. The windows are now all mounted and the lining, which is made out of sintra board has been fabricated. I took a look at our fuel tank, which has been fitted to a very high standard with a new bulk-head being installed between the tank and the locker. The varnish work has also come along and our forward cabin looks and smells new.

The varnishing expert.

We are lucky enough to be still living on Sofia and have started moving Troskala’s belongings onboard ready for the transition on Monday. Our upholstery has finally been completed to a very high standard, to which Carlotta is very excited. We took delivery of out new Achilles dinghy yesterday and plan to spend the next couple of days running the new outboard in to save time for later.


We have been working a lot on communications and have had no end of problems trying to connect our Iridium satellite phone with our Mac. Luckily we were saved by Mailasail and their new Red Box system, which acts as a router and gives Troskala her own WIFI hotspot and connects all of our computers.  It means now that I can send emails and receive weather reports from my Iphone, Ipad and Mac which is quite amazing.


On a more serious note I am running out of time and my plan to have a week to test sail Troskala is slipping away. It looks like I will now only have four days to sail her properly before she is based in Nanny Cay marina undergoing rigging checks, Raymarine warranty checks and further upgrades before she sets sail on the 22nd.   This is far from ideal but at least we have some time and it is important that we make every use of the days by putting Troskala through all kinds of conditions.


I am still positive about our situation to a certain extent and at least we have finished our last charter and can now truly focus on our preparations.

3 thoughts on “Delays, Delays, Delays.

  1. Hey Captain Oliver,

    I enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to the up dates. Tell Carlota, Patti and Lyle said hi and we also wish smooth sailing.
    Lyle and Patti Simoneaux

  2. We have fingers crossed for you Oliver that all is completed in time and wish you Godspeed when the time comes. Love to you both xxx
    From Jane and Malc

  3. I am smiling as i see Tossies refit, lots of memories all come back to me. I am so glad that you have kept her, and just a little Jealous. Best wishes to you both stay safe, and hope to see you one day.

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