Not What We Expected.

Well, it is 9:00 in the morning on Tuesday the 11th and I am sitting on a ferry with 100 American Disney Cruise ship passengers heading to Virgin Gorda. For those of you who know me well you know that this is my idea of hell. If the lady in front says ‘Awesome’ one more time I will throw my iced coffee at her head.

Unlike the Disney Cruise ship tourists who are going out to destroy ‘Natures Little Secrets’ at the Baths in Virgin Gorda, we are going to find out how after seven months most of the things on Troskala fail to still work after the re-fit.

We were launched yesterday a week late than scheduled. We floated, which is a start although we did take on quite a bit of water while the stern gland was adjusted. As I walked around Troskala I could see that the was more work to be completed than they were letting on. Anyway, the launch was a success and Troskala sat pretty in the marina at Spanish Town. We had six people toiling and the atmosphere was tense. The clock was ticking. We were trying to leave by the evening but as the temperature alarm on the engine started screaming and all mast lights failed to work we saw it fit to leave Troskala in the marina and pay another small fortune for the privilege.  

It was 20:30 before we just about made the ferry and one hour later we made it back to Sofia. I felt mentally more drained than I have for a long time. After a small glass of wine we fell asleep at 22:30.

Please see the list below of things that still need to be rectified today in order for her to be safe to sail:

1.Volts not registering charge

2.Compass light not working and compass not installed correctly

3.Tricolor mast light not functioning

4.Steaming light not functioning

5.Deck light not functioning 

6.Heads light needed

7.Raymarine cable for sea-talk

8.Navtex no power and not functioning 

9.Screws missing in Windows 

10.Engine water sender not functioning 

11.Grease gland to be removed from engine bay

12.Old chart plotter cable to be removed and fitting.

13.Labels for switch panel

14.Fridge control not working 

15.Fuse box behind panel to be secured and cables tidied.

16.Battery volt ‘2’ needs to be set up for starter battery on switch panel. 

17.’Decca’ fuse box from old GPS to be removed. 

18.Damage to sliding hatch fiberglass to be repaired. 

So he we are with our lovely American friends taking the passage back to Virgin Gorda. The Americans are excited to tick off another destination that they experience for twenty minutes and we a here filled with trepidation and stress about getting Troskala ready to face the ocean and now I have just lost my iced coffee by throwing it at the awesome woman.

One thought on “Not What We Expected.

  1. It is only a test of your reserve, Just bite the bullet, worst happens at sea, and it is best to get it right. Love to know your plans,catch up when you can. And you have each other, it doesn’t get better than that!!

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