Time To Cross An Ocean

I feel the pressure as I sit here in Nanny Cay sweating in what is a very natural oven. Troskala is almost ready to go and our final crew member will shortly.


Words cat really describe how busy we have been over the past ten days. We spent another day catching a lovely ferry to Virgin Gorda. We had quite a few issues with Troskala especially with the mast lights that had corroded and other electric discrepancies that had to be rectified. There was also some incorrect wiring that delayed us immensely but after two days working in the marina we had to leave. Our time was running out and The Moorings were already kind enough to allow us to extend our stay on Sofia. The last thing. I wanted us to do was to over stay our welcome.


We left Spanish Town Marina at 21:00. We had ran the engine for about an hour but I still felt unsure about going out to sea at night after not using Troskala for three years and with no sails. On reflection I feel it was a silly thing to do and I would not perform a task like that again especially navigating through reefs.

As it turned out all went very well. I soon became used to the heavy tiller steering but the sturdy feeling of being on Troskala (a proper boat). Half way into our journey and as we passed the the southern cardinal off Beef Island we were actually enjoying this unique experience. It was like we had travelled back in time three years and nothing had changed.


We met our Disney Cruise ship again that decided to make way just as we cam into the main shipping channel for road town. They kindly held off there departure until Troskala had passed their stern.

At 0:00, we gently brought Troskala along side Sofia. We were shattered. I have never felt so drained but we made it together and finally had Troskala to ourselves.

Although we had brought her to Road Town there was still a lot of work to be carried out to fix our tricolour light and our Raymarine instruments were not fully functional.


The days at The Moorings past by quicker than we had expected.  We managed to get most of our belongings on and contractors finished the work that had too but we did not leave Road Town until Monday and at the point we headed straight to Nanny Cay.

We managed to spend our evenings sailing Troskala out of Nanny Cay Marina and then back.  We were joined by Ted, a great friend and professional sailor who has not only given us a lot of time but also a lot of his skills, which we greatly appreciated.  The support we have received from so many friends and companies is amazing and we feel so lucky to have met the people we have through our work in the BVI’s and the people who have given a lot of time to get Troskala ready for her next adventure.


Troskala is now ready and tomorrow we will be leaving Nanny Cay and heading up to North Sound.  We plan to depart from Necker Island for Bermuda on Sunday 22nd at 03:00.  Please do track our progress on the following link:  https://my.yb.tl/yachttroskala


We will be keeping a very detailed log of our experiences and I look forward to sharing the first part of our  journey in a weeks time.

Thank you to all of you who have posted such kind comments on our blog.  I will email you all individually once I have time.  Your kind words and support make this adventure even better for us.  Thank You.


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