Oliver & Carlotta


Oliver Kinchin


  • RYA / MCA Yachtmaster Offshore, Commercially Endorsed
  • RYA / MCA Shorebased Day Skipper for Sail and Power
  • RYA / MCA Coastal Skipper
  • RYA / MCA Practical Day Skipper Tidal
  • Maritime Radio Operator Certificate of Competence
  • ENG1
  • STCW 95
  • B1 & B2 US Visa
  • Sea Miles =  >10,500 (As Skipper)
Oliver was born on the 05th July 1981 in Wolverhampton.  Oliver started his sailing life on his fathers Hurley 20 from an early age.  Oliver moved onto dinghy racing for a short period before crewing for other people to gain the necessary hours on bigger boats and to gain much needed experience before he purchased Troskala in 2010.
Carlotta Blanco


  • RYA Shorebased Day Skipper for Sail and Power
  • RYA Competent Crew
  • STCW95
  • B1 & B2 US Visa
 Born in Oviedo in Northern Spain on the 21st October 1980.  Although Carlotta lived by the sea she never sailed until meeting Oliver.  Carlotta undertook many sea hours to gain the experience and become a great crew member especially when times get rough.

10 thoughts on “Oliver & Carlotta

  1. Well I hope that you are in full party mode and had a good crossing, we would like to wish you all our best wishes for the exmas and the new year. I am hoping to be in Antigua from mid Feb to the end of march. So would be good to meet up if possible. Best wishes Jim Gill

    1. Thank you Gill & Jim. Yes we have exhausted party mode and still recovering. Troskala has been amazing throughout and only minimal damage to a fair lead and navigation light was encountered. I am sure John would have been so proud of Troskala as I am sure you both are, In still feel so lucky to have the opportunity to sail her.

      Again, thank you both for your support throughout.

      I would love to meet with you Jim so keep me posted and I am sure we can meet in Antigua if not somewhere close.

      We wish you both a very happy Christmas and New Year.

      Best wishes to you both.

      Oliver Carlotta & Troskala

  2. Congratulations to you all, having done this trip I do know all the highs and lows, but it is a great experience. I will take a means of picking up my email when i go to Antigua, but we have a pontoon mooring out there, that might be usefull. but hope to be in touch before I go. Now you and Carlotta can have a little chill time, St Lucia ism a great Island to sail. Best wishes for the new year. Jim and Gill

    1. Hello Jim. Happy New Year to you and Jill. I hope you are both well and in good health. Jim, I would love to take you up on the offer of the pontoon. Could you send me the details of the location and the dates you will be around? We will be heading south a bit but will be back in St Lucia the end of Jan and then will head up to Antigua arriving the first or second week. It would be absolutely fantastic to bring Troskala back to you.

      I should be on email frequently and we both look forward to seeing you soon.

      Best wishes,


  3. Dear Carlotta and Oliver,

    Happy New Year to you! I am sure you wish be having a nice Pina Colada under a palm tree. :o)

    Hugs and kisses,
    Helen xxx

    1. Hello Helen,

      Happy New Year to you too. I hope you and the family are well. We have seen some lovely photos on facebook. We hope to catch up with you soon.

      Lots of Love,

      Carlotta & Oliver

    1. Hello, Sorry for the delay but thank you for your kind comments. I have been following your blog also, what a great blog and great idea. I will happily send you any tips or information but to be honest I don’t thing you need it.

      Good luck with everything and I look forward to reading more.

      Best wishes,


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