Peter Island, Norman Island and Tortola


Well, it has been a busy couple of weeks.  We headed back to Road Harbour shortly after the last blog to stock the boat up with food, water and fuel.  We were still with Rafiki and enjoying every moment of their company.  After a couple of days in Road Harbour we decided to both sail back to Dead mans Cay with Rafiki.  We spent a glorious day there sipping tea with Calley and Rob and swimming with Emily and James.


We saw the most amazing wildlife below the water and had an absolute shock when we saw a Spotted Black Stingray glide gracefully past us. Rafiki had to depart but we spent the evening enjoying the quite of Deadmans Cay.


The next morning we headed to Norman Island, where the parties and beaches are meant to be the best around.  We met up with another yacht called Fabiola and anchored next to them.  When Rafiki arrived we all met on the beach for cocktails and lunch, kindly provided my Rafiki and Fabiola.  In the afternoon Calley, Emily, James and their new crew member Andy took us to some caves just around the corner from the bay we were anchored inIt was a great day and Carlotta and I decided to finish off the evening by visiting an old schooner that has been converted into a bar/restaurant.  The boat is called Willi T and the parties are said to be legendary.  So off we went for a few drinks.  As soon as we had sat down a couple of guys start naked decided to throw themselves of the stern, followed by another naked girl and and then 10 more.  Apparently this is all part of the party and whoever jumps off naked gets a free T-shirt; we declined to take part on this occasion.


We set sail the next day heading for Gorda Sound.  This is a beautiful spot situated on the north western side of Virgin Gorda.  There we found paradise again.  This is a huge protected bay. There are a few reefs to navigate when entering but once in you are clear of most dangers.  We anchored briefly in Gun Creek to do some shopping and then to Biras Creek where we were to spend the night.  Our main concern at this point was to make Happy Hour at Saba Rock, which is literally a rock with a small beach and an amazing bar/restaurant.  We topped up with Painkiller Cocktails and had a great meal although service was not a strong point, thankfully the food was great.


The next next day we sailed to Leverick Bay as this would be the departure point for Rafiki and the time for us to go our separate ways was fast approaching.  We spent the day swimming in the resort swimming pool and after that we went aboard Rafiki and were treated to an amazing ‘fry-up’ before they had to leave.  The time had come for Rafiki to leave us and what a sad occasion it was.  We said our fair wells and amongst all the tears Rafiki departed into the sunset.


We had met another yacht called Rufian, which is a Sadler 34. The lovely couple onboard are called Fiona and Ian and they invited us over for a fantastic Chilli.   The following day we were surprised to come across our friends in Limbo who had sailed their 26 foot yacht from England to the BVI’s.  We all decided to go for a walk around Virgin Gorda and experience the pleasant views.


The next day Rufian had to depart and continue their passage up the East coast of America.  We sailed with Limbo down to Tortola as they have to have their boat shipped back to the UK although they would be staying with us for a few days before they catch their flight back to England.