Baiona to Porto – 18th September 2012

It was time to leave Baiona to head to our first Portuguese town.  We sadly left our anchorage at Baiona, which had been our best anchorage since we made this journey with no waves and no tide; it was also quite popular.

We managed to leave early before the sun rose.  We expected some wind but not enough and we quickly settled into a day of motoring anticipating to make Porto by 19:00.  My smoke / steam problem came back after an hour of motoring so I had this to occupy my thoughts for most of the day.

Once we had reached the Spanish / Portuguese border the wind picked up to 10 knots from behind so we eagerly poled-out the genoa and set up the main.  We were happily making 5 knots and continued to sail for the next 5 hours. Next we lowered our Spanish courtesy flag and hoisted our Portuguese flag; poor Carlotta.



We had heard from several people that there was a new marina in the River Douro but it was not listed on the almanac.  This marina would have been closer to the city of Porto instead of going out and using Leixoes.  We tried to call Leixoes marina to see if the marina in Douro had been completed but they were not too helpful.

We approached around 19:30 but as the time had changed back by an hour we were loosing light but continued a further 2 miles to the entrance of Douro.  At this point I began to loose confidence in this decision, the entrance was difficult due to a large swell pulling us into the harbor wall so we decided to turn back and head to Leixoes.

It was dark by the time we arrived so we had some dinner.  The office had closed and would not be open in the morning so we decided to make a quick escape the next morning and not hang around as it was not the most attractive of places.

Miles: 70.7

Engine: 7 hours 24 minutes

Total Mileage: 1,367

Lat: 41’71. 14

Lon: 08’ 42. 31