Madeira to Las Palmas – 08th November 2012

The time had finally arrived to leave Quinta do Lorde.  After being stuck here for two weeks we have grown to like the place more that we did in the last post, therefore it is important to mention the good points about the Quinta do Lorde resort.  I do think that when the resort is competed it will be a fantastic location for both sailors and people wanting to relax.  The fact that the resort is set out-of-the-way, this only makes it better for tranquility you experience.  They have a fantastic swimming pool and rock pool and if the weather had been better we would have made more use of both.  Both Catia and Nicole were extremely polite and helpful throughout our stay and we were always welcome with a smile.  To have an internet room on site was also fantastic and even if we were stuck there we could still use the time to update family and friends.

Anyway, back to the trip and my apologies for being so late in my post.  We have now arrived at Las Palmas and have been swamped with jobs to do and safety inspections to pass, but we will save that for another post.

We had a farewell dinner with friends.  We are finding that the problem with cruising is that you meet such lovely people but we always have to go our separate ways.  We were going to miss Tim, Natalie, Kane and April a lot as they had been such great company.  We did promise to meet up in Las Palmas and I do hope we can share our farewell together.

We left Quinta do Lorde at 10:30 and timed it so that we would hopefully arrive into Las Palmas with some light.  The weather was relaxed although we hit  massive squall with thunder about 20 miles out.  I have never seen the sea turn white before with the amount of rain falling on it. The squall lasted around 15 minutes and we were truly soaked.  The wind died after and we had to motor an hour before it picked up.  We tried to do 3 hour shifts this time as it was again just the two of us and although this worked for the first night we would get extremely tired the second night and day.  In the end we were both sleeping but with the person using a timer set to ring after 20 minutes to do a check on shipping.


The wind was maintained at 20- knots and we were able to sail most of the journey but the last day gave us confused seas and a bumpy ride. We saw Gran Canaria at 15:00 hours on the 10th November.  we were in the marina at 19:00 after checking in but both of us were shattered and realise just how hard it is to sail with just two of us, but we made it and survived again.

Miles: 297

Engine: 7 hours

Total Miles: 2,370

Lat: 28′ 07. 56

Lon: 15′ 25. 57