Carlotta’s Birthday & Porto Santo – 21st October 2012


It was Carlotta’s Birthday on the 21st.  I big thank you to all the cruisers her made the day so special for her.  We were greeted by the family on Rafiki with balloons, cake and presents. April and Kane also came bearing gifts of chocolate cake and  a lovely wash bag for Carlotta.

We decided to rent a moped for the day and explore the island.  To rent a moped cost only 20 Euros and we managed to see the whole island in one afternoon. In the evening we were joined by Willi Tucker and his fiddle and were entertained during pre-dinner drinks to some amazing Scottish tunes with Emily and James also playing some fantastic tunes.

We all went to a restaurant in the evening to experience typical Portuguese food.  It was a great day with perfect company throughout.  Thank you all for the kind messages on Carlotta’s Birthday, it was much appreciated.

I hope you enjoy the photos.