Troskala (Rival 32)


Purchased:             14th February 2010

Make:                      Rival 32  MK2

Year:                        1980

LOA:                        9.70 m –  31 ft 10 in

LWL:                       7.47 m  –  24ft 6 in

Beam:                     2.95 m  –  9ft 8 in

Engine:                   BETA 30 Installed 2010

Draft:                     1.4m  –  4ft 8 in

Displacement:       5300kg  –  11,650 lb

Ballast:                   1891kg  –  4,160 lb

Builder:                  Marine Construction (Woolston)

Designer:               Peter Brett

Sail Area:             405 sq ft

Accommodation:  6 Berths in two cabins

Remarks: ‘The Rival 32 is a solid traditional cruiser, with longish fin keel and skeg hung rudder.  The Rival 31, 32 and 34 are very similar, all being well respected as seagoing cruisers.  Many Rivals have made long ocean passages’.










The new BETA 30
The new BETA 30


Semi-Long Keel with Skeg-Hung Rudder
Semi-Long Keel with Skeg-Hung Rudder



The nav station
The nav station



New Hydrovane
New Hydrovane


12 thoughts on “Troskala (Rival 32)

  1. Hi Oliver,
    Finally I am back in front of a computer. We met at Chichester Marina on the eve of the launch. Looks like you’ve made fab progress already! I’ll read the blog this evening and then be up to speed with you.

    We have been sailing ‘Cariblue’ – our Rival 32 but not very far – Isle of Wight mostly while I do some testing on new bits.

    Anyhow will keep in touch. She looked brilliant at the launch I must say!

    Mark Easton

    1. Hello Mark. It is great to hear from you. How are your first sails going on Cariblue? I hope the weather has improved for you. I will update the blog again today and I hope you enjoy reading it. If you ever have a long weekend and want to come for a sail please let me know; it would be great having you and your wife along.

      All the best Mark and I hope you manage to get out some more before the end of the season.

      We are currently at some of Carlotta’s family on Galicia. We will move on towards Vigo and then Portugal on Tuesday when the winds change in our favour. Troskala has held up very well with no breakages yet. I am so happy with her performance especially in challenging conditions. I am sure you are going to be very happy with Cariblue. By the way, our Hydrovane has been a life saver and if you ever get chance to have one installed I strongly recommend it for long distance.

      Anyway, Happy Sailing and no doubt we will see each other in the future.

      Happy sailing.


  2. Hi Oliver – apols for the tardy reply – yes we have been sailing Cariblue – not that far as I’m still tinkering with rigging/engine etc but you have zoomed off into the blue yonder! Yes no probs, I’ll post this blog on the ROA website for you. Hope all is well and will call in again soon.

    Happy Sailing

    1. Thank you so much Mark that is very kind of you and a great way of communicating to other Rival Owners.

      As mentioned if you fancy a sail with us you are both more than welcome to join. Good luck with everything and your dream to sail Cariblue around the world.

      If there is anything I can help you with please feel free to contact me.

      Best wishes,

      Oliver & Carlotta

  3. heh heh – I have to get her out of the Solent first! Very kind of you on the offer, I will bear that in mind. I am starting at the beginning of the blog and will read through to catch up!

    1. Hello Johnny,

      Thank you for the email. Thank you for not buying her. 🙂 Have you brought another boat? Troskala needed a lot of work so even we nearly thought twice about the purchase but now we are glad we made the decision as Rival’s are great boats.

      I will read your blog and link it to our website if that is okay with you.

      All the best and feel free to ask me any questions.

      Best wishes,

      Oliver & Carloitta

  4. Hallo Oliver & Carlotta,
    Good luck with your trip. You are so lucky that you both like sailing, my wife is not interesred so I sail single handed all the time. I have an early Rival 31 which I find a great boat. Fitted wind vane steering this year, the best thing I ever did, makes passage making so much easier. This year I sailed from the River Medway, down channel and across to Southern Ireland. Am thinking that I may try a trip across Biscay next year! Will be following your trip with interest.
    Best wishes

    1. Hello Chris.

      Thank you for your message. I am lucky to have Carlotta with me, she does not like the sailing but does like making the destination. She has put up with a lot and I can see where you wife is coming from.

      Self Steering is pretty much up there in being the best kit we have on the boat, it would have been difficult without it. Your trip to southern Ireland must have been fantastic and I know the Medway well.

      If I can hep you with anything Biscay related please let me know, I would be more than happy to share information that may be of use.

      Look after yourself Chris and I look forward to hearing about your adventures next year.

      Best wishes,

      Oliver & Carlotta

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