Tense Times

It is now only three days until Troskala is launched and only 23 days until we set sail to Bermuda . I think that I have finally come to the conclusion that we may be slightly delayed in the launch of Troskala. This is not what I wanted,or needed but it appearsthat there is so much still to complete with such little time available.

No words can express the amount of work that needs to be completed.

As the photos suggest there is still an immense amount of work to be completed prior to Monday mornings launch with the electrics, varnish, seacocks and windows to be completed not to mention the fuel tank, upholstery, fridge and gas-locker. I tried to calm myself down as I walked around her the other day but a sense of panic came over me. I have done well to so far keep calm when dealing with the yard but as the time of launch draws near I cannot help but be very concerned about their progress and quality of some of their work.

New chart plotter but the wooden finish is below standard and needs to be changed.

It has now been five months since we asked the yard to move the refit forward by a year and have Troskala completed by the 02nd May. I do not know if it is normal that things are often left until the last minute with a panic occurring towards the lead-up if the launch but this is the case now.

I do feel angry that there is such a rush to have Troskala ready for launch and in hind-sight I would have asked for the completion date to be 01st April instead of the first of May but there is nothing I can do now except hope that all is completed to a high standard by Monday.


New red navigation table light.

At the moment we are completing our last charter on Sofia. I would give anything to jump ship and spend the next few days in the yard overseeing the work and making sure it is up to standard. I feel like my hands are tied.

Anyway, only two days left until I never have to charter again and from that day my attention and focus are spent on Troskala and or course Carlotta.

Lets see what happens on Monday.


All the best.



2 thoughts on “Tense Times

  1. I wish I could be of some help as my feelings for Troskala are the same as yours, having been with her for15 years. I am pleased you still care for her and wish you both all my best wishes. It is the way they are in the Islands there is no sence of a time, very frustrating. It is more important that the work is right as you rely so much on it, and once you sail any gaurantees are a bit useless. Your health and your wife are the most precious, as all else can be fixed. Best wishes
    Jim (Troskala)

  2. Calm down, don”t be tense. That is what is called “island time”. Troskala will be ready and you will set sail, if not on the 19th, on the 26th. As for your charterers, as long as they don’t get nasty, let them drink. I hope you can sail to Culebra.
    (Check your “upcomoing events” it seems you are heading back to Bermuda after reaching Horta)

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