Oualie Bay (Nevis) to Reggae Beach (St Kitts) – 16th February 2012

Oualie Bay (Nevis) to Reggae Beach (St Kitts) – 16th February 2012


After we had fixed Oscar (Outboard) we were ready to hop over to St Kitts, which is only a 3 miles sail.  We were heading to Reggae beach, which sounded like the place to be, plus they had a bar, ice and a shower.  We completed our small voyage under motor and within an hour after navigating the narrows we found ourselves in a very secluded and beautiful little anchorage.  The wind was still blowing but we were able to position ourselves nicely behind a mountain and only a few yards from the beach, which was already filling up with tourists.


Reggae Beach is a great spot.  The popularity of Reggae Beach comes mainly from cruise ship tourists that excrete their tourists from the city of Baseterre, only a few miles north.  Even though it is mentioned in the guide book as a busy place we found it quiet.  There is a lovely bar and beach.  We were the only yacht at anchor for the two nights we spent there, which is a first and a unique experience.  We spent two days at Reggae, swimming and relaxing, I think that Nita and my Dad are finally seeing what we see in this life style, no rushing, no stress and sun every day.


What is different about St Kitts is the landscape.  Yes, it has a mountain but it is a lot more arid than previous islands we have visited.  You could say that St Kitts looks more like the Canaries than the Caribbean due to its lake of rain.  There are plenty of beaches around the South coast but most are stony instead of sandy.

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